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Welcome to our new site.
As you see the issues with the old site were unrecoverable, and have lead to the total loss of all our old content.


The first step to getting us all back together is for you create a login and then app for the guild. This is necessary to get all your info in the system because the application questions can only be filled in by you at this step and are not editable later buy you or the officers.


We have decided to host the new site with Guild Portal for many reasons one of the most needed being that they provide the technical support to keep the site running and continually improve it.


To get access for both the forums and DKP system will need a new user name. Doing this you are actually creating a username for Guild Portal and all the guilds it is hosting and then applying for member ship to Whit’s End. This means that your toon name is probably already taken.

In an effort to keep track of who everyone is, we think it will be best to create a user name that is “YourToon of WE” no more, no less. If you have more then one toon in the guild you use the name of you main and you will add the alt under that account later.

 Click the join link to apply for membership to the web site Join Whit's End Click the join link to apply for membership to the web site 
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